About Us

Danik samachar is an online news website portal. We bring you the latest and trending news every hour, moment and day. That keep you updated with every information. Here you will find the top Reports of the day, that too in the new calendar. All will follow the Information. The Report will be those that shake the whole country. Which move throughout the day from TV to social media. The Figures that can change your lifestyle Daily News opinion is found together. Think of it as a form of breaking news. Throughout the day, something happens in the country and the world. Somebody throws ink on someone. Someone slaps someone. And sometimes to save someone’s life, someone puts his life at stake. Such small and big Facts, which will make you feel good, sometimes feel bad. We bring news updates of every moment for you, which keep you updated with all kinds of news of the country and the world.

In today’s time, when everyone is so busy with their work that they do not have enough time to see the news channel or read the news paper. So we have brought more news in time for you, which keeps you up to date with all the news of the country and the world at all times. Our media team, from all the news channel news portals for you, every news that you need to know, which keeps you watch on everything that your government, celebrity, public figure, your leaders do. Who said what, where and what happened, who said what about what, in every way, you will get information in every field on our website. What happened in the market, what company is immersed, what company is bringing new. We know that you know what your mind is talking about, so you work all the time on stinging injuries.